Hi there!

I am Nicole and together with my husband Luis and our daughter Sophia, we form the limitless family.

Our story starts in France in 2015, where we’ve met. Both far away from our own country, as Luis is from Mexico and I’m from the Netherlands. It was Luis’ first adventure, while for Nicole it was her second. A few years before, Ecuador had shaken up her life vision.

We both knew perfectly what we want in life, sharing the same dreams. We wanted to explore the world, and do something great in order to make the world a better place. Our desires on how to live our lives are the same, making us a perfect fit.

We both had a fulltime job, working shifts and weekends. Fortunately we could arrange our schedules to coincide with each other. Being able to obtain the hours that would fit us best as a couple, was one of the biggest joys we had. With every opportunity we had, we escaped to the unknown, discovering amazing new places, people, and of course the local gastronomy – the best of all haha. Travelling became an addiction, but we didn’t have the freedom to escape whenever we wanted to. For this reason, we decided to quit our jobs. We simply put our few savings together, packed our suitcases and left on our adventure.

To our surprise, Sophia decided to join us on our travels. The pregnancy made us decide to stick to one place for a while. We decided to move to Belgium. And when we noticed we didn’t feel happy there, we decided to move on to the Netherlands.

In the end, leaving France turned out to be a huge life changer. We both realised we didn’t want to be limited to one certain road in life. That’s when the limitless family was born.

 When the two of us, became the three of us

There is always that moment in life in which you ask yourself if everything you have done has taken you somewhere, or if you’re simply still where you always have been. It’s that moment where we realize that at the end of our lives, the only thing we will still have are the experiences we’ve lived. One has to collect and treasure these incredible experiences forever!

 The moment we left our lives in France behind us

Life Coaching

During this journey I hit many roadblocks. Those being limiting beliefs, non-flexible systems, rules, lack of comprehension and many more. While working a way around those, I was also confronted with internal issues. Old wounds resurfaced, begging for closure. It was an intense, but very interesting period. I learned so much about myself and about the world. I finally understood what it really means to be flexible in life.

Thanks to all of the struggles I had faced, I grew as a person. Mentally and spiritually. During the process I started noticing how my story and advice positively affected others. I’m passionate about helping others out with their roadblocks. This is why I started offering my services as a life coach.

I would like to inspire you that it is possible to live your life without limitations. It’s not necessary to live according to beliefs blocking you from achieving what you want.

Is there something bothering you? Is there something you would love to do, but you have no idea how you can make your dreams come true? Do you see obstacles instead of solutions? I’ll be working together with you towards a solution for the current problem you’re facing.

Do you want to know what my 1-on-1 coaching sessions can do for you? Book your free 20 minute Coffee Call right now.

Also, soon I’ll be launching my Dream Life Creation course – to offer you another way to work towards your dream life. Check the Facebook page of the limitless family – or our Facebook group The Limitless Journey for updates or more information.