Hi there!

We are Luis and Nicole, a Dutch-Mexican couple. Together the limitless family.

Our story starts in France in 2015 where we’ve met, both far away from our own country. It was Luis’ first adventure, while for Nicole it was her second, since a few years before Ecuador had shaken up her life vision.

We both knew perfectly what we want in life, sharing the same ideals. We want to be able to do something great in order to make the world a better place. Our desires on how to live our lives are the same, making us a perfect fit.

There is always that moment in life in which you ask yourself if everything you have done has taken you somewhere, or if you’re simply still where you always have been. It’s that moment where we realize that at the end of our lives, the only thing we will still have are the experiences we’ve lived. One has to collect and treasure these incredible experiences forever!

Full time jobs

Work wasn’t the best part of our life, even though our jobs were nice.  A wise man once said “I prefer to work driving the roads than being stuck in front of a desk”. We didn’t feel the liberty we desired so much. Even though our jobs weren’t 9-5 jobs, we still had fixed schedules, working full time.

Fortunately we could arrange our schedules to coincide with each other. Being able to obtain the hours that would fit us best as a couple, was one of the biggest joys we had. Apart from the trips we made on our days off.

With every opportunity we escaped to the unknown, discovering amazing new landscapes, people habits and of course the local gastronomy!
Travelling became an addiction, but we didn’t have the freedom to escape whenever we wanted to. For this reason, we decided to quit our jobs. We simply put our few savings together, packed our suitcases and left on our adventure.

 The moment we left our lives in France behind us

Financing our adventures

But we knew one day we would ran out of money. That’s why we investigated diverse solutions. We have found a great way to finance our adventures, just carrying our laptops with us and a positive attitude.

Even though freedom and adventures are very important to us. The moment everybody in life is waiting for arrived. We felt so united, that we decided to get married. We started with an amazing new experience, we decided to get married. At this moment we are expecting a beautiful little girl, who will keep us company on our next adventures!

We would like to inspire you that it is possible to live your life without limitations. It’s not necessary to live following the fixed standard so many people are stuck in.

Let us help you to follow your dreams and start your own journey. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!