A family that travels, hoping to inspire other families to travel. 

– The Limitless Family

We are the Limitless Family

As a single mother of a beautiful daughter I didn’t want the fact of becoming a family get in the way of my passion for travel. Hence the name limitless family, we try not to let us get limited by anything – other than the law, of course. My name is Nicole and I am from the Netherlands. The name of my daughter is Sophia and she is half Dutch and half Mexican, with 50% of both worlds running through her veins. 
Here to share our journey with you, and hoping to help you overcome anything that stands in the way between you and your dreams! ♥


Travel has always been my passion. The moment I found out I was expecting Sophia, I took the decision to keep on travelling together with her.
I believe travelling contributes to the education of a child and they learn to be more flexible and open-minded from a young age. It’s not always easy as a single mother, but we go out on trips whenever it is possible.


life of a single mom

In my blog I write about my experiences, ups and downs as a single mother. With being as open as possible, I hope I can make a small difference for those who read it and feel identified to my stories. 

Being a single mother makes us strong and invincible. It does not mean our freedom has to be limited. We get to decide how we live our life, where we are and if we get to fulfill our passion and purpose. And the lessons we teach our little ones with our perseverance will be incredibly valuable.

I am not here to romanticize being a single mom. It is still pretty rough. But I do believe that no matter the circumstances, we can still enjoy our lives, as long as we consciously choose to do so. 


I believe that no matter what our life looks like, we are always in the position to take the power over our lives into our own hands. We get to decide what our life looks like, where we are and if we get to fulfill our passion and purpose. There is always a way. That is what being limitless means to me. 


You only have one life, so live it to the fullest!

You should know that you are worthy of living the life of your dreams! If you are struggling with limiting beliefs, road blocks and/or a lack of confidence, you've come to the right place. Click below for my coaching offers, or feel free to contact me with any kind of questions!