“Make Sacrifices, But NEVER Sacrifice Your Dreams. 

– Nicole Vertommen


I’m Nicole Vertommen

Personal Empowerment Coach, mom, wife, part of the Limitless Family.
Lover of pizza, coffee, wine, dancing and travel.
Here to help you overcome anything that stands in the way between you and your dreams! ♥


As a Personal Empowerment Coach I offer support identifying the obstacles and beliefs that are blocking your personal growth. You will learn to work around it, and how to be able to do the same on your own in future situations. Contact me for more information on one-on-one coaching.

Limitless Family


Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

You should know that you are worthy of living the life of your dreams! If you are struggling with limiting beliefs, road blocks and/or a lack of confidence, you've come to the right place. Click below for my coaching offers, or feel free to contact me with any kind of questions!